Public Stem Cell Banking

What is Public Stem Cell Banking?

The procedure of teeth preservation or banking is totally natural, none intrusive and the dental stem cells hold information that is only in the teeth of infants.

The storage of children’s dental stem cells is a good plan to ensure a healthy life for your children even if there is no history of diseases in your family. In fact, several studies have shown that saving baby teeth can have enormous health benefits that could eventually help your children’s life.

Primary teeth, also known as milk teeth, baby teeth, deciduous teeth or temporary teeth are the first set of teeth that become observable in the mouth of your children. They are usually lost and replaced by permanent teeth, around age six when the permanent teeth start to appear in the mouth of your children. Importantly, baby teeth contain stem cells in a tissue contained within the pulp chamber known as dental pulp. These stem cells are considered like building blocks in our body, as they possess the capacity to grow into every type of tissue.

Many studies have shown that stem cells isolated from dental pulp can regenerate and repair several damaged or aging tissues such as cartilage, bone, tendons, cardiac muscle and brain. Moreover, they have been used to restore damaged tooth from bone loss or periodontal disease, cavities, and more importantly, they can be used to grow a tooth instead of using dental implants to replace missing teeth. Therefore, cells present inside the baby teeth could be the key to the future of healthcare for your children. Moreover, they could also be used to treat some type of cancers, blood-related and auto-immune diseases. In fact, primary teeth stem cells possess immunomodulatory functions, indicating that they can be utilized for the treatment of inflammatory, autoimmune and allergic diseases. Therefore, baby teeth banking is very helpful because they can help to treat common illnesses that your children could be susceptible to.

Today, scientists are studying the role of these amazing cells in treating conditions such as spinal cord injuries, type 1 diabetes, craniofacial defects, tooth loss, corneal damage, stroke, heart attack, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. As results, new medical treatments are being established to treat a variety of conditions that currently are difficult or impossible to treat.

Therefore, the cryopreservation of stem cells isolated from dental tissues, in particular, those from primary teeth is an emerging and promising procedure that could be used for a wide range of regenerative therapies for some parts of the body. For these reasons today, more than ever, banking stem cells extracted from baby teeth represents a biological insurance for your children. More importantly, these cells could not only be utilized in the mouth but potentially for the regeneration of many tissues throughout the body. Therefore, baby losing teeth should preserve their stem cells for personal use in the future.

Today, Future Tooth Dental Stem Cell Storage offer the opportunity to store your children’s teeth stem cells, with the aim of future therapeutic application to treat several diseases and restore or regenerate a multitude of tissues throughout the body. For example, one of the principal objectives of these company is to save and preserve essential cells that are able to repair and regenerate tissues lost to accidents or disease.

In this context, to ensure that cryopreserved stem cells are isolated from baby teeth are suitable for clinical application, standardized protocols and procedures that adhere to current good manufacturing practice are performed. Freezing cells preserve their future ability to regenerate damaged or aging tissues throughout the body.

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